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Body Contouring

Exilis and Vanquish are FDA-approved devices that offers a non-surgical solution using gentle radio frequency (RF) energy for reducing fat and tightening tissue anywhere on the body. It sculpts away problem fat and tightens the overlying skin. Each treatment is short and painless. We recommend a series of 4-6 treatments, one week apart for maximum results. Sculpting results are noticeable in as little as two treatments. Lose 1-3 inches off your problem area by the end of four treatments. Skin tightening results occur gradually over four to six months and are consistently more obvious that other skin-tightening devices.

All body contouring treatments require a consultation.

“My exterior now matches how I feel inside. I feel more attractive, more confident, and I am engaging more fully in life. Family and friends were very impressed…”


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